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They don't just tell time.

They tell a story.

Rich Eggett, CEO & Founder, Rockwell

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Best Selling Watches

Digital Sports Watches
Digital Sports Watches


The Coliseum digital sports watches is engineered for gladiator-level abuse. You won't find a more durable digital watch to pace and monitor your fitness training, and look mighty fine while doing it.

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Analog Watches
Analog Watches


The apex of style and functionality, this analog watch pulls off both debonair and durable. Choose your band from genuine leather or double-layered nylon available in multiple colors, and make a strong statement with the simple yet sophisticated dial.

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Luxury Watches
Luxury Watches


This luxury watch rails against a one-size-fits-all culture with a dozen iterations as diverse as our customers. We pay tribute to our brothers and sisters in uniform and to our country with a variety of Apostle styles.

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Tactical Watches
Tactical Watches


The best of tactical watches, bred for the wilderness, and with a manual timer with stunning accuracy. Move through the darkness with its luminous hands or take to the sea with its impressive water resistance.

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Plymouth Watches
Plymouth Watches


This tactical timepiece is designed, engineered, built, and tested in the USA. The watch has a K1 Hardened Mineral crystal that is both scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant, and features an American-built Ameriquartz 7121 movement that guarantees precision and accuracy.

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Big face watches
Big face watches

Big Watches

Our 50mm, Admiral, 747, and Duel Time watches are as bold and in-your-face as the adventure lovers who wear them. You can see this big face watch from a mile away, and it sends a big message about who you are, thanks to our different styles.

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USA Built Watches

Several of our watches are built in the USA. We’re doing our part to support American businesses and to bring manufacturing back to America. By supporting American manufacturing, we’re helping to boost the American economy and create jobs for American citizens. Like all of Rockwell’s products, our American made watches meet our highest standards. Rockwell is committed to quality products. Buy a Rockwell Made in the USA luxury watch and help us support America.

Make your own custom watch

Custom Watches

There’s no better way to commemorate a work milestone, birthday, or other special occasion than with a Rockwell timepiece. We’ve been creating custom branded watches for years to help businesses honor their employees, clients, colleagues, and more.  We can create watches in the color and material of your choice. We can personalize them with custom engraving or embossing. Several of our watch collaborations and custom watches are done in-house. We can also design a custom watch from the ground up to fit any occasion. 

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Long Lasting Watches

The bar was high. Our watches would need better water resistance, thicker casings, unbreakable bands, and tarnish-free finishes. They would need to be intricate and elaborate on the inside but rugged and rock-solid on the outside, tough enough to stand up to big wave surfing, a motocross wipeout, or a skateboarding slam—and, ultimately, a bad run-in with a big truck. We knew we’d succeeded when our Coliseum watch went under the wheel of a hulking monster truck and came out unscathed. So bring on the wear and tear of your active lifestyle.

We stand behind any manufacturing defects 100% with our 2-year warranty. If there are any manufacturing-related issues with your Rockwell product, simply submit the proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a new one.

But that’s not all. We have one of the most generous replacement policies in our industry. If you want to trade in any of your Rockwell products for a new version, we’ll give you 70% off the original MSRP. 

Here’s how it works.  Let’s say you run over your sunglasses with your BMX bike or scratch up your sports watch when you wipe out on the slopes. Send in your proof of purchase, pay 30% of the original MSRP (plus shipping), and BAM! You’ll be sporting your brand new Rockwell merch.  

Sunglasses For Sale

Sunglasses For Sale Sunglasses For Sale

You were born to conquer obstacles

So were our sunglasses

Every problem you’ve had with your sunglasses over the years—we’ve solved it. Your search for the perfect pair ends with our meticulously engineered eyewear. 

All of the designing happens in our Northern Utah headquarters. Then, we send our designs to the sunglass craftsmanship mecca in Northern Italy, where four centuries of eyewear artistry come to bear. From the Wasatch Mountain Range to the Alps, we combine our engineering with Italian workmanship. The result is the only pair of sunglasses you’ll ever need.