TR90 Swiss Nylon Sunglasses

If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you hike, surf, skate, climb, ride, date, train, and fight like a champion. (Yes, we threw "date" in there. Man–or woman– cannot live on sports alone.) When we set out to make sunglasses, we knew they had to live up to the standard set by our watches. That meant creating expertly crafted, imminently durable eyewear that is as attractive as it is tenacious and as sexy as it is dependable.

Our watches are made for those times when you want to declare, "Watch this!" And our Swiss sunglasses are for those "you've got to see this" moments. Our eyewear combines epic performance with an eye-catching appearance. We've created ultra-tough, daring styles for athletes and adventurers whose lives are anything but mundane. Now, your sunglasses won't be mundane, either.

Life Seen Through the Lens of Adventure

Sunglasses aren't just about looking good; they are about seeing well, too. Thanks to our high-quality lenses placed in hard-wearing Swiss nylon frames, Rockwell's sunglasses can withstand whatever adventures you have in store. No more ditching your favorite shades because the lenses look like your knees after a dramatic skateboard mishap.

You know that feeling of craving adventure? No matter how much you fill your weekends with thrilling exploits, you'll never be done exploring, training, and achieving. It's an itch that can't be scratched. That means it has something in common with our lenses, which provide steadfast protection against scrapes and dings. Scratch-resistant lenses mean Rockwell eyewear will be the only pair of sunglasses you ever need, although you might want to grab more than one, thanks to our array of adventure-worthy, date-appropriate styles.

Our sunglasses don't just dim the light. Our UV 400-rated lenses provide complete protection from harmful ultraviolet rays. That means they block out the parts of the light that damage your eyes. Keeping your eyes safe was high on our list of priorities, and we nailed it, if we do say so ourselves.

A daring life shouldn't be hindered by a bad glare. We also offer most styles in polarized and non-polarized versions so you can decide what works best for your unrivaled lifestyle.

If you want the best lenses around, choose one of your styles that comes with Carl Zeiss lenses. They start with the purest of raw materials, then use innovative filtering technologies to transform those materials into high-performance, defect-free lenses.

If you can dream it and your body can attempt it, our lightweight Swiss sunglasses can endure it. You may emerge from your latest undertaking with a few scrapes and scars to prove you did it. But your lens will be free of scratches, thanks to their strong, damage-resistant materials and construction.

Swiss Nylon

You are undoubtedly familiar with Switzerland's holey cheese, rich chocolate, and versatile Army knives. You may even know about their discrete bank systems. (Don't worry; we won't ask questions.) But what the heck are Swiss sunglasses? In short, they are sunglasses made from TR90 Swiss nylon.

The long version? These babies are the best combination of ultra-lightweight comfort and supreme impact- and wear-resistance.

The even longer version? We choose to make our sunglasses out of thermoplastic TR90 nylon because it is as strong as the athletes, heroes, and adventurers who will wear them. It can bend and flex, protecting against eye damage caused by other, lesser sunglasses that crack or shatter during a wipe-out.

If you are prone to dropping your glasses, you need TR90 nylon sunglasses in your life. Its memory-like properties allow TR90 nylon to bend and spring back to its intended shape without cracking, creasing, or warping. This fade-resistant material means your glasses will look good for years.

At about half the weight of the same pair of frames made from acetate, your Swiss sunglasses won't cause strain on your ears and nose, even after hours of wear. TR90 is also about twice as impact-resistant as those basic sunglasses you used to wear before you discovered something better. Think of it like upgrading from an old-fashioned, heavy, stiff, metal mountain bike, to a sleek, lightweight, fast, carbon-version. Better in every way.

Add in the superior heat resistance, lack of chemical-residue release, and TR90 Swiss nylon's suitability for being shaped into stylish frames, and you understand why it is the perfect material for Rockwell sunglasses. Frozen, baked in the sun, tossed around, sat on, or flung from your face during a moment that will make a great story once the bruises heal–these Swiss sunglasses can take whatever you dish out.

Never Cramping Your Style.

If you want a pair–or three–of lightweight Swiss sunglasses, we have multiple styles to choose from. We propose updating the expression, "There's a lid for every pot," to, "There's a Rockwell sunglasses style for every face." Okay, maybe it's not as catchy, but it's just as true.

Our safety-rated Anvil and Nero styles are sleek and sexy. Sure, you want your eyes and face to be protected, but you don't want to look like you are wearing the glasses equivalent of orthopedic shoes. The Anvil and Nero styles offer the ultimate in safety, combined with lines that look anything but safe. Both styles feature industry-leading Carl Zeiss Impacto Lenses and have a Z87+ safety rating. Whether you are looking for eyewear for military, law enforcement, or everyday use, the Anvil and Nero have got your six.

For something that oozes personality, consider the rounded lines of Stella or the retro curves of the Casino. The Casino's sleek, sculptural lines are a nod to the stick-it-to-the-man, groovy aesthetic of the 70s, but only a subtle nod. Because you want to play it cool, man.

Stella harkens back to the 1950s and 60s or to 2007 when everyone was mad about channeling their inner Don Draper or Roger Sterling. We took the browline styling of that era and updated it with a more balanced weight toward the bottom of the frame. Flattering on both men and women and almost any face shape, Stella is well worth a second look. And a third.

Next up, we have the Italian team: Pompei and Monza. We named two of our Swiss sunglasses styles to honor the Italian craftsmen who manufacture them. Pompei frames are stylish enough to stand out from a crowd and subtle enough to let you be the star of the show. Smokin' hot like the volcano Vesuvius, but as timeless as a great cup of espresso.

Our Monza nylon sunglasses convey the Italian passion and attention to detail that make Italy the world leader in quality eyewear production. Monza, Italy is the home of Europe's oldest purpose-built race track. The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is still considered one of the premier tracks in automobile sport. The fast, big bend known as Parabolica combines with exciting straightaways that allow slipstreams and overtaking opportunities. Our Monza frames channel that track. Thrilling, daring curves combine with just enough straight lines to keep things interesting.

Don't overlook Monaco. The Monaco has a keyhole bridge and a shallow-bumped top bar. Those features add just enough personality to elevate these classically shaped sunglasses to something exceptional. Like its namesake, the second smallest country in the world, Monaco frames bring to mind exclusive opulence and quiet luxury. Black lenses–available either polarized or not–create an aura of mystery that leaves everyone wondering just a little.

Creating durable, sexy, quality items is our forte, and our Forte style is no exception. In addition to referring to someone's specific talent, "forte" is the term for the strongest part of a fencing blade. The Forte style's angular lines convey strength, with just a hit of danger, like a sharpened blade.

Some sunglasses are so trendy that you'll look like you are trying too hard. Three weeks after you buy them, they will already look outdated. Others are so boring that they don't represent who you are and what you love. Rockwell sunglasses are just right, offering classic yet distinctive lines, meaning you'll be proud to wear them today, or years from now. And thanks to the durability of our frames and lenses, they will have that kind of longevity. Your mountain bike may look cooler with mud on the spokes and scrapes in the finish, but your sunglasses shouldn't show signs of the adventures they've been through.

Proudly Made in … Italy?

Like a big-wave surfer wandering the planet for the best breaks or a free climber traveling for the most epic mountain faces, we scoured the world to find the most experienced and talented sunglasses makers. It turns out that Italy is great for more than just carb-loading and paragliding over the smoldering crater of Vesuvius. The Italians know their sunglasses manufacturing.

The Italians produced the first known pair of eyeglasses in Venice during the 13th century. They've been innovators of the product ever since. Scientists, philosophers, artists, and other Renaissance players needed to see properly to study their subjects and produce the magnificent works of art we still appreciate today.

Then, along came the printing press in 1436. Thanks to Gutenberg's invention, the masses had access to written material. They needed the glasses that would help them read it.

The concept still required some tinkering. Original designs had no arms. Also called temples, these are the long, thin parts on the sides of your glasses that hold them onto your ears. Without them, the "bow"-style glasses were just flat pieces balanced on the wearer's nose. No good. Or, "non bene" as the unfortunate Italian might say as his precious, fragile lenses tumbled off his face.

Even more unfortunate for these early Italian readers, when their glasses took a tumble, that was probably the end. They didn't have access to our durable, flexible TR90 Swiss nylon. That wouldn't come to be until late in the 20th century. Until then, the Italians made glasses of whatever they could find, including leather, wood, and even whalebone. Those may seem like strange choices, but they show how, even centuries ago, the Italians were innovators in the eyewear game.

Hundreds of eyewear manufacturers dot the rolling hills of the Italian countryside. These factories honor and continue the Italian legacy of glasses craftsmanship and innovation. All those makers operate there because northern Italy is the mecca of optical creation. The Italians respect, understand, and feel passionate about creating the world's finest eyewear. Since we feel the same, we knew we needed to have Rockwell sunglasses produced in Italy by the world's masters of eyewear production.

Northern Italy is good for more than just shredding powder on the Dolomites. Just ask anyone who owns a pair of our nearly indestructible, entirely gorgeous sunglasses. The best sunglasses are made by the best sunglasses manufacturers, which is why Rockwell sunglasses are made in Italy.


Lightweight Swiss sunglasses, designed by our Rockwell engineers in northern Utah and brought to life in the Italian Alps, may seem like a strange combination. But it is just the right mix of Switzerland's hearty and innovative materials, American exceptionalism, and Italian craftsmanship. Together, that makes a chef's-kiss-perfect pair of sunglasses.

Our Swiss nylon sunglasses are made like you are: tough, ready for anything, undeterred by falls or stumbles, and up to any challenge. And pretty darn good-looking, too.