Metal Alloy Sunglasses

When two roads diverge in a wood, you can expect to see Rockwell sunglasses worn on the one less traveled by. Our company started by creating watches for extreme athletes. That meant focusing on extreme durability, resistance, and craftsmanship while not ignoring style. When it came time to develop sunglasses for the world's record-breakers, limit-testers, and path-forgers, we took the same approach.

Rockwell's metal sunglasses aren't just the Gold standard. They are the Forged in the Sweat of a Free Climb up El Capitan standard. The Basking in the Sand After an Epic Big Wave Session standard. The Whatever You Need them to Withstand standard.

And if you want to wear them to look and feel great while jamming with your band or walking your dog in between adventures, Rockwell's sunglasses can do that, too. Our eyewear for men and women supports heroes, champions, and risk-takers, helping them clearly see the challenges ahead of them and the victories in their rearview mirror. From the motocross track to date night, Rockwell's products can survive catastrophes and help you emerge looking better than ever.

We poured our passion and focus into creating incredible, versatile, hard-wearing frames. When we conquered that challenge, we turned our focus toward finding lenses worthy of our durable metal sunglasses. We didn't stop, other than an occasional surf or skate break, until we had scratch- and crack-resistant lenses our customers could wear with pride.

We started as a bunch of extreme sports enthusiasts who just wanted to be able to wear watches that were as tough as we were. So, we created expertly crafted, ultra-durable timepieces. But like anyone who thrives on rising to the challenge, we were ready for the next big endeavor. We found it in sunglasses. Rockwell sunglasses are for men and women who like to live on a razor's edge, who bleed for fun, and who need eyewear that rises to the challenge as well as they do.

Our path to making sunglasses diverged from the one everyone else has taken. And that has made all the difference.

Why Metal Sunglasses?

Would you want the roll bar on your off-road vehicle to be made of plastic? Of course not. Metal provides superior protection and durability, whether around the cab of your truck or across the bridge of your nose. You don't turn to plastic if you want something to protect you during a wipe-out.

Unlike that roll cage, however, metal sunglasses are lightweight and provide a sleek, sexy appearance. Metal allows us to create streamlined designs that are thinner than you can get with plastic while retaining the extreme durability Rockwell is known for with our watches. Our metal alloy sunglasses take advantage of the strength and toughness of their materials. That allows for sleeker, on-trend frames that just aren't possible with cheap, flimsy materials.

Thinner frames look great and are less bulky. When your safety and the success of your next adventure depend upon seeing everything happening around you, you don't want a chunky frame obscuring your vision. Metal takes care of that.

Metal alloy sunglasses also offer adjustability. Plastic frames stay in the shape they were molded or carved into. You need glasses like you: flexible enough to roll with the punches. You can carefully adjust metal frames to fit your face. With adjustable nose pads, all our alloy frames offer you the ability to achieve an almost custom fit, tailoring your sunglasses to the shape of your face and head.

You can also tinker with the fit of the temples–that's the technical name for the arms of the glasses. For the styles with a hockey end–the part that bends over your ear–metal allows you to adjust for comfort and stability. That means your glasses fit your face as well as they fit your lifestyle. You can't do that with cheap, plastic eyewear.

If you want sleek, comfortable sunglasses that don't hinder your vision but still make a statement, our metal sunglasses are for you.

About Those Lenses…?

Durable, precision-crafted lenses were the only answer to the question of what to put into our metal sunglasses. With sunglasses, the frames are what you notice. Unless you are noticing how your vision is obscured by an unfortunately positioned scratch or a manufacturing defect.

To ensure our alloy frames' bold, stylish looks remain the star of the show, we sought out lenses made to ensure distortion-free views. Whether you are surveying the scene of your next adventure or driving to meet your date, all you'll notice about your lenses is that you don't notice them at all.

Many of our styles come with Zeiss lenses. Most frames come in polarized or non-polarized versions. Some selections feature the Pürcoat Ultra Clear Finish™ coating. All this means that our lenses have you covered no matter your vision needs, preferences, or demands.

Playing Nice with Zeiss.…?

Zeiss lenses, found in many of our alloy sunglasses, are anti-scratch, anti-reflective, anti-water and grease, and anti-static. When placed in our anti-boring metal frames, you may have the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Lens light reflection can compromise your vision, especially in lower-light situations. For our frames with Zeiss's Pürcoat Ultra Clear Finish™ coating, light reflection is reduced from 7-13% in uncoated lenses to less than 1%. That means less time having to flip your glasses on and off your face as you move through different light conditions. Our lenses keep your hands free and your vision clear so you can focus on life rather than your sunglasses.

Plastic lenses are far more comfortable than glass, thanks to their significantly lighter weight. They are also safer than shatter-prone glass. But plastic doesn’t typically resist scratches as well. Enter the Pürcoat Ultra Clear Finish™ coating. This coating gives your sunglasses the lightweight comfort and safety of plastic without all the scratches you'd deal with on lower-quality lenses.

The coating's scratch-resistant technology resists damage from cleaning and wear and tear. Your knees may feel the hard wear of a day spent pushing your limits, but your lenses won't show it.

Zeiss's trademarked coating's anti-static and hydrophobic properties mean that dust and debris that might otherwise cloud your vision stay away. As do water, grease, and oil.

While we can't say you'll never have to clean your Zeiss lenses, you can plan to wipe them down less frequently and get them clean in less time than you would with other lenses. If only we could say the same for your mud-caked trail shoes.

Zeiss lenses are precision crafted with pure raw materials and unmatched technical expertise. They are the vanguard of optical achievement. If that's the kind of standard you set for yourself, a pair of our alloy sunglasses with Zeiss lenses and Pürcoat Ultra Clear Finish™ coating can help you achieve it.

Mamma Mia! Look at Those Sunglasses!…?

When you want da urlo [epic] sunglasses that are mitico [mind-blowingly cool] but also impeccably constructed, you want Italian. That's why, after we finished imaging our concepts and styles with our expert design team in Utah, we took our designs to northern Italy. They've been leading and perfecting the eyewear game for over 700 years.

No one in the world has the eyewear experience that the Italians do. So, no other place would do for crafting our sunglasses for men and women who demand quality and durability blended with Sprezzatura. That's what the Italians call style focused on attention to detail while appearing effortless and carefree. You look great, but don't look like you are trying to look great. That's the perfect approach, whether you are trying to get a new PR or a second date.

It makes sense that a company like ours, committed to creating high-performance eyewear, would turn to the Italians. Even before you consider sunglasses, the Italians have a track record of excellence in extreme sporting conditions. There's a reason Ferrari has captured more Formula 1 Constructors' championships titles than any other team: they understand quality construction, innovation, and attention to detail, with a bit of sex appeal thrown in for good measure. Add that ethos to their OG status in making and designing eyewear, and you have the best place in the world to craft sunglasses.

Thirteenth-century Italian monks got the optics party started. They created reading aides that worked like magnifying glasses by grinding beryl quartz into convex lenses. In 1284, some enterprising Italian decided to take advantage of Italy's world-leading glass industry. The first known glasses were made using lenses created from blown glass. These were then set in frames—likely made of wood or leather. There were no temples (arms that hold your glasses to your ears). This early eyewear had to be held in front of the face or perched precariously on the nose. One unanticipated sneeze and you needed a new pair. Imagine how these Italians would have felt if they could have gotten their hands on a pair of our durable, comfortable sunglasses!

Over the decades, their designs improved, and their craftsmanship and precision advanced. People from other nations–including the USA's own Benjamin Franklin, who introduced bifocals–contributed to advances in optics science and craftsmanship. But the Italians never gave up their early lead. They remain at the forefront of eyewear for men and women. That made northern Italy the clear winner when it came to finding a home for crafting Rockwell's eyewear.

Julius Caesar, who was Roman before that was a city in Italy, said, "Veni, vidi, vici." Like him, you believe in "we came, we saw, we conquered," not "shoulda, coulda, woulda." That makes our American-designed, Italian-crafted metal sunglasses the perfect fit for you, literally and metaphorically.

Going the Extra Style

So now you understand what metal frames can do for you, why our lenses are top-notch, and how our Italian-crafted sunglasses will work for your lifestyle. The only question left is which style is best for you.

Let's start with a classic: The Roma, available in black with black frames or gold with green. This classic aviator with tear-drop-shaped lenses offers a timeless cool factor. Since the Zeiss technology will keep your glasses in top shape for years, it's nice to know they won't be out of fashion soon. Because it is one of our narrowest frames, it is an excellent option for smaller or more narrow faces.

Up next is Marco, which offers a polarized version and two colorways. This mix of sportiness and classic aviator styling is more angular than some of our other frames. The straight lines of the rims make Marco flattering for rounder or softer faces. Flex memory hinges and carbon-textured temple pieces mean these refined frames offer a great fit and feel.

Most metal sunglasses have a top bar and a bridge. That's the two metal strips over your nose, connecting the lenses. Capri does away with the bridge piece, creating a cleaner, innovative look. It’s just enough to let your sunglasses make a statement without screaming. Subtle but cool. This classic aviator has rubber-coated earpieces and flexible hinges, making it as comfortable as it is effortlessly stylish. One of our most narrow frames, Capri is a solid choice for smaller faces as well.

La Roca has black lenses in either silver or black frames, with each option also available in a polarized version. At 14.6 cm, these are our widest frames. That makes them an outstanding fit for larger faces. The rims' elongated curves make them a fantastic choice for looking elegantly relaxed. This style will look amazing on oval-, heart-, or diamond-shaped faces.

If you are looking for a slender, box-style aviator, look no further than the Silva. The Carl Zeiss lenses provide high-contrast visibility. The Silva's wider spacing between the top bar and bridge offers style that will keep you from blending into the background.

Gunmetal frames with blue lenses give Torino an icy edge. Torino frames are another boxed aviation style, slightly more narrow than the Silva. The bottom of Torino's rims is somewhat squared off, complementing high cheekbones or more narrow jaws because they draw the eye upward.

With black-in-black or brown-in-gold lens/frame combinations, Venezia is our narrowest frame at 12.3 cm. This smaller, box-style aviator frame has classic lines. The Carl Zeiss technology means excellent vision, and the rounded square rims complement any face shape. You are sure to receive just the right amount of attention when you wear our Venezia metal sunglasses on your next adventure.

Whatever your preferences for frame and lens color, your needs for lens coating and functionality, and your style preferences, our metal sunglasses have you covered. Whether your goal is standing out for style or looking effortlessly fly, Rockwell's eyewear comes through. We have the right pair of alloy sunglasses for all men and women who want shades that work as hard as they do, stand up to a beating, and look great doing it. As you venture down the road not yet taken, make sure you take your Rockwell sunglasses.