Women's Watches

Whether you’re dominating in the action sport of your choice or rocking your chic, night-on-the-town couture, we’ve got a watch to match your mood and mode.


Our ladies’ watches pay tribute to the women in our world who pioneer new paths, smash records, and, basically, show the menfolk how it ought to be done.

The girl bosses who wear our watches are anything but one dimensional. They balance countless different pursuits and make it look easy. They are stunningly diverse, ranging from MMA fighters to fitness models to pop stars. They are moms, wives, girlfriends, career women, star students, and cutting edge athletes. They need watches that can keep up with their active lifestyle without missing a beat.

We welcome you to Rockwell’s selection of women’s watches. Whether you’re looking for a women’s sports watch for dominating your next extreme sports adventure or a chic women’s luxury watch for a night on the town, we have a watch that’s as unique, sturdy, and capable as you are.

The Rockwell Ethos

Our ethos was forged in Pamplona, Spain, home of the famed running of the bulls. When our founder, Rich Eggett, was in college, he sold his car and bought a ticket to experience this centuries-old Spanish tradition. Once there, Rich started weighing the dangers. Was it really smart to run with thousand-pound bulls with angry eyes and big horns? What was the worst that could happen? Oh, I don’t know, maybe having your lung pierced by a huge, pointy projectile.

Eggett was seriously considering becoming a spectator when his college buddy and traveling companion reminded him to stay out of the world of “shoulda, coulda, woulda” and embrace the adventure. It was Rich’s epiphany! There would be no standing on the sidelines, no watching life pass him by. Rich ran his way through the streets of Pamplona—risks be darned—and he never looked back.

That same ethos led Rich into the world of extreme sports as an athlete, team owner, and sponsor. It also helped birth Rockwell watches. Rich knew there were some nice watches out there, but they just didn’t embody the “seize the moment” philosophy that he had learned to live by, the one that fueled his extreme sports heroes. Never one to take no for an answer, Rich started his own line of watches fit for the brave, the hard drivers, and the risk takers.

The Best Materials for Women’s Watches

Put good stuff in, and you’ll get good stuff out. We live by that mantra. We’ve seen our competitors skimp on their watch parts and materials. Unfortunately, the buyer always pays the price with subpar watches that don’t stand the test of time.

Here’s a closer look at the good stuff that makes up our women’s watches:

  • Ceramic. Take a closer look at our women’s luxury watches like the Commander Elite and Katelynn Elite. You’ll see beautifully crafted bracelets with ceramic interlinks. Why ceramic? Because it’s one of the hardest classes of materials known to man—even harder than gold. As a result, it’s virtually impossible to scratch. It’s also unaffected by UV rays, so its colors won’t fade with time.

    If you find yourself in the water a lot, you’ll be happy to know that the ceramic on your Rockwell watches resists chemical erosion. What’s more, it’s hypoallergenic and lightweight, rivaling even aluminum, so it doesn’t weigh down your wrist.

  • Stainless steel. This metal alloy offers impressive durability while still looking sleek and polished. Some metals are too rigid to accommodate much nuance and contouring in the design process, but stainless steel is flexible enough to allow a lot of design creativity. Stainless steel also offers excellent corrosion resistance, so you won’t have to worry about rust.
  • Leather. As a band material, leather is soft and supple, and it won’t irritate your skin. It’s also a jack of all fashion trades, capable of looking both rugged and sporty or elegant and classy. Dress it up or dress it down. Leather will complement any look.

    While some watchmakers try to sub in leather synthetics, we use only the real deal, and for good reason. Real leather is far more breathable (no sweaty wrists) and durable. Our leather straps stay beautiful for years without cracking or fading.

  • ABS/PU (polyurethane). For our digital women’s sports watches, these plastic band materials are the ultimate in flexibility and durability. They bend with your movements without twisting, splitting, or cracking. They won’t fade in the sun or corrode in the water.
  • Sapphire-coated mineral crystal glass. It’s standard practice in the watchmaking industry to cover your watch dial (face) in mineral glass. The problem is, mineral glass scratches.

    The way around this is to coat the mineral glass with a thin layer of sapphire coating. This doubles the hardness of the glass from a 1000HV rating to 2000HV). Sapphire-coated mineral crystal glass is so tough that it will take an actual diamond to scratch it.

The Best Design Features for Women’s Watches

It’s not only the materials that distinguish our watches for women, it’s the design features. We go above and beyond to create watches that look, feel, and function like nothing else you’ve put on your wrist.

  • Swiss and Japanese movements. The movement of a watch is essentially the engine that keeps it telling accurate time. Our watch movements are the best of the best: Miyota (from Japan) and Swiss-made. They are so carefully crafted that you can fully expect them to last a lifetime.

    Japanese movements are known for their precision and accuracy. While not as aesthetically sophisticated as Swiss-made movements, the Japanese Miyota movement has a raw, mechanical look that many people find irresistible.

    The Swiss movement, while keeping excellent time, is also a brilliant bit of eye candy. Our Swiss-made movements are all about artistry and craftsmanship, from the way the metal is cut to the color of the jewels.

    Many of our watch movements can be seen through open case backs or dial windows. We’re pretty sure you’ll be as mesmerized by them as we are.

  • Screw-down crown. A crown is that little button on the side of a watch case that allows you to adjust the time and date and wind the mainspring. A loose crown can create a couple of problems with your watch. First, it can give way to accidental changes in your time or date settings. Second, if it’s loose, it can allow water into the case when submerged.

    A screw-down crown solves both of these problems. It threads into the case and provides water-sealing gaskets. If you’re in the water a lot, a screw-down crown is a must for avoiding that dreaded foggy circle on your watch face.

  • Butterfly closure. A watch closure can look a little messy at the seams, which is why we love the Duraframe™ butterfly closure. It has two short metal hinges that unfold like butterfly wings and snap together over a larger surface. This discreet closure hides the messiness of the clasp below a smooth, lithe bracelet. And because the butterfly closure opens wider than a single closure, it’s simple and comfortable to slip the watch on and off your wrist.

    A closure like this makes our Continuum™ bracelet possible. This sleek bracelet will wrap seamlessly around the contours of your wrist.

  • Water resistance. If your active lifestyle involves water, you need a watch that stays dry. Water resistance is rated by “atmospheres” or ATMs. A 5ATM watch can resist the pressure equivalent to 50 meters (164 feet). A 10ATM watch can resist pressure equivalent to 100 meters.

    Looking for a women’s waterproof watch you can depend on? Check out our sports watches like the Coliseum Fit™ with a 10ATM rating that can stand up to the water and waves while you swim and surf.

A Sneak Peek at Our Fan-favorite Women’s Watches

Luxury Women’s Watches

Katelynn Elite

For the ultimate in style and strength, check out the Katelynn Elite. It’s available in gold, silver, black and white, and all-black. The stainless steel construction is punctuated by ceramic interlinks and a ceramic bezel. (The bezel is the ring surrounding the crystal. The crystal is the glass that covers the watch face/dial.)

Given the extreme durability and scratch-resistance of ceramic, you can expect your Katelynn Elite to weather all the wear and tear of your active lifestyle and look as pristine as the day you bought it.

And you can say goodbye to worries about scratching your watch crystal since the Katelynn Elite’s crystal is coated in ultra-hard sapphire. The Katelynn Elite is girl power at its finest.

Women’s Digital Sports Watches

Coliseum Fit™/Coliseum Fit™ Forum

Our Coliseum Fit™ and the more compact version, the Coliseum Fit™ Forum, offer the best in digital sports watches for women.

Ladies’ sports watches of old had one big problem…they were the opposite of sexy. Rockwell has managed to combine all of the functions of the best digital watches with high style. They’re part workhorse, part work of art.

While looking great on your wrist, these watches get down to business with:

  • Dual time zones
  • Chronograph with a 50-lap memory
  • Countdown timer
  • 8 alarms
  • Step-counter
  • Calories burned tracker

The style choices are endless. Sure, we have the standard black, but also blue, red, hot pink, and army green. Or go bold with a pattern: tie-dye, cheetah, snakeskin, or American flag. You can also match your passion and profession with one of our watches. Whether you’re an RN, military member, or first responder, there’s a watch for you from our Coliseum Fit™ and Coliseum Fit™ Forum lines.

Best of all, these digital watches are famous for taking “gladiator levels of abuse” and living to tell about it. From the durable ABS/PU construction to the double bezel and PMMA lens construction (no scratches), you won’t find a tougher watch. And that’s to say nothing of the 10ATM water resistance.

When you strap this waterproof watch for women on your wrist, you’ll be joining thousands of female athletes around the world who wouldn’t measure their time and fitness in any other way.

Iron Rider

Want more than a digital watch? Our Godfrey Iron Rider 2.0 has your name on it. Make a bold statement with the Real Tree Xtra camo pattern, and get in on the ABCs of tactical watches (altimeter, barometer, compass).

Want to know your vertical on the slopes? Or get an alert when you’ve reached a specific altitude on your next hike? Or navigate like a pro on your next backpacking expedition? The Iron Rider is as much a watch as a compact personal computer for action sports fiends.

The ABS/PU band will stand up to the elements and all the abuse you put it through (no breaks, cracks, or fading), and the Swiss sensor inside will keep your watch painstakingly accurate.

Square Watches for Women


Looking for a watch that turns heads? Our 40mm2 big face watch makes a bold statement on your wrist. The oversized square face takes this watch way out of the realm of average. Powered by a Swiss-made Ronda caliber movement, this watch is as reliable as it is attractive. Complemented by our smooth and seamless Continuum™ band, this square watch for women is the ultimate in head-turning bold elegance.

CF Lite

Want a watch but don’t need the weight on your wrist? The CF Lite is the lightweight of our watch world but still offers heavy-duty durability. It owes its low weight to the carbon fiber inlay along the bezel. This takes some serious weight out of the watch, giving it a feathery feel on your wrist.

But for all of that, it’s still rock solid because carbon fiber is not only light (half as heavy as steel or aluminum), it’s incredibly strong and durable. Pair that with the super-strong silicone wristband and a scratch-resistant hardened mineral crystal, and you’ve got a watch that punches far above its weight. Go elegant with our black and gold CF Lite or bold and sporty with black and bright yellow.

Customized Watches for Women

Looking for custom ladies’ watches? We’re the go-to choice for companies like Coors Light, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Under Armour, Red Bull, Dodge, Night Rider, and Rockstar Energy, to name a few. If you want a watch to represent your organization, we have you covered.

Before you choose a company to create customized watches for women, ask them how many customization options you’ll get. You might be surprised by how few they offer. With Rockwell, you can change a color, change materials, print your logo on the dial, add etching or engraving, or completely build a new watch from the ground up. You share your vision with us, and we’ll bring it to life with a raft of customization options to give you exactly what you want down to the finest detail.

Choose Rockwell for the Ultimate in Ladies’ Watches

Want women’s watches crafted from the highest quality materials and manufactured under careful scrutiny (no out-of-sight, out-of-mind offshore production). One that’s stunningly robust and durable while still being feminine and chic? Rockwell has perfected this balance, and that’s why we’re an undisputed leader in ladies’ watches.

We also back your watch with one of the most comprehensive warranties and replacement policies in the watch biz. We start with a 2-year warranty that offers 100% coverage of all manufacturing defects. Then, we take it up a notch with a replacement policy that lets you trade in any of our ladies’ watches for a new version and get 70% off the original MSRP. This applies to the most outlandish of adventures. Shark bit through your Coliseum™ Fit women’s sports watch while you were surfing? Monster truck ran over your pristine 40mm2? Get a “do over” with our generous replacement policy for life.