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Monster Jam Finals
All you have to do to get the Rockwell crew's heads to turn is mention "Monster Trucks" - Along came the Monster Jam World Finals of 2022, and Rockwell was in!

Rockwell Cynthia Gauthier

In the humid, rainy weather of Orlando, Florida, these big machines made quite the scene at the Camping World arena. 6 tons of raw power launched close to 40 feet in the air while fans watched on in awe. Among the competing trucks were Gravedigger, Max-D, Lucas Stabilizer (driven by Rockwell's very own Cynthia Gauthier), and many more.

Travis Mowery with Rockwell R.E.D.

Rockwell's very own monster truck made its Monster Jam debut, driven by Travis Mowery - in the opening ceremonies of the event, Rockwell R.E.D. rode through a parade of over 40 famous monster trucks in the well known arena which seats 65,000 fans.

Rockwell R.E.D. is much more than a fancy truck on 66" tires. R.E.D. isn't just a color; it's a reminder. Remember Everyone Deployed - never take for granted the freedoms Americans have been afforded by those who put their lives on the line. Our military servicemen and women deserve all the recognition we can give them. That's why we've dedicated this behemoth of a truck to them!

Rockwell Red

Monster trucks do a great job of encapsulating what's great about America: livin' free and doin' what you love, with the people you love!

Check out the Coliseum R.E.D. digital watch HERE

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