The 10 Rules of Watch Wear and Care Every Enthusiast Should Know

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Watch Wear and Care Every Enthusiast Should Know

Any watch lover knows that these time-telling wonders are more than mere accessories–they’re the embodiment of history, one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, and the style that defines you. Watch novices and connoisseurs alike want to be sure they’re giving their watch the care it deserves while following the rules for fashion and wear.

Like, which wrist should you actually wear your watch on?

Or, does that sick sports watch really go with every outfit?

Whether you’re a seasoned wearer of exquisite timepieces or you’re looking to level up your wristwatch game, these 10 Rules of Watch Wear and Care are for you.

1. Do Your Due Diligence Before Making a Purchase

  • Research First: Researching before you buy requires a bit more than a quick Google search for “watches for sale.” Take some time to research reputable brands by checking out company and product reviews. If you’re looking for watches made in the USA or perhaps a Swiss made piece, see if the country of origin is listed on the product page.
  • Set a Budget: Before making any kind of large purchase, you should determine a budget that will work for you. Watch prices can vary drastically. While a quality timepiece might cost more upfront, it will likely last far longer than a cheaper alternative, making it a better investment.
  • Choose Your Movement: Watches fall into three main categories: Analog, automatic, and digital. Each has its own set of characteristics that make it unique and is fitting for different styles and lifestyles, so it’s helpful to research which option might be best for you before you start shopping.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle: Different watches are made for different lifestyles. For example, if you’re a runner, you probably want a sports watch with a chronograph/lap counter feature. If you’re a business executive, a classic stainless steel analog or automatic might better meet your needs.
  • Consider Your Style: With all of the designs on the market today, there is truly a watch for everyone. Love those trendy, square face watches? Go for it. Do you serve in a military branch? Try a watch branded with your branch’s emblem. The options are endless, so there’s nothing stopping you from choosing a watch as unique as you.

2. Wear it Wherever it’s Comfortable

The “which wrist” conundrum has always sparked quite a debate. For years the answer was a firm “on the non-dominant hand, of course.” But hey, it’s a free country. And while it’s true that wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand may minimize wear and tear, at the end of the day, you should wear it wherever is most comfortable for you.

3. Keep Up With Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

Even the toughest, most durable watches require regular care and maintenance to keep performing and looking their best. Take the time to clean your watch regularly, and get it checked out every now and then to ensure the gears are in working order. If you have a battery operated watch, make sure you know how much life the battery has so that you can have a good idea of when you’ll need to replace it.

4. Refrain from Checking it During a Conversation

Have you ever been engaged in what you thought was a mutually enjoyable conversation, only to have the other guy make that oh-so-obvious glance at his watch? Awkward, right? Looking down at your watch during a conversation is a great way to let the other person know that you are bored or have better things to do. And while both of those things might be true, there are nicer ways to end a conversation. So, keep it classy and refrain from that time check when speaking with someone.

5. Do Not Wear a Watch That is Too Loose or Too Tight

An ill-fitting watch can be an issue for a number of reasons. Obviously, a watch that is too tight is just going to be downright uncomfortable. And a band that’s too big can cause damage to both the band and the mechanisms. Take a measurement of your wrist before purchasing a watch so you know the size that will fit you best.

6. Admire Your Neighbor’s Watch from Afar

You probably don’t want other people’s hands all over your expensive watch, and chances are, they don’t want your hands all over theirs. So, if you find yourself drooling over another guy’s watch, try to admire it from a distance.

7. Pair the Right Watch with the Right Outfit

Today’s rules of fashion are far different from what they used to be. At this point, nearly everything goes. Nearly. There are still some fashion no-no’s when it comes to watches. For example, dive watches don’t pair with suits, and dress watches don’t pair with gym shorts.

8. Avoid Excessively Blingy Watches

Unless you’re Samuel Jackson or a platinum rapper, an overly blingy watch is just going to look, well, silly. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love a few tasteful diamonds on a classy dress watch, but there’s no need to be blinding the neighbors with watches that cover the entire surface of the watch. It’s just too extra.

9. Do Not Wear the Same Watch Everyday

Just like you, your watch needs a day off every now and then. Give your watch a break when you can, and try to only wear it when appropriate for the outfit and occasion.

10. Understand the Warranty

Before you go deep sea diving or extreme rappelling with your trusty timepiece, it’s a good idea to understand your watch’s warranty. Most watch manufacturers offer a one year limited warranty. This means that they’ll replace the watch within the first year should you experience any manufacturer-related issues. However, if you damage, break, or lose your watch, that won’t be covered.

Here at Rockwell Time, our two-year limited warranty is one of the best in the industry. Because we believe that you should have a watch you can rely on. While we understand that accidents happen, especially when you are living your best life, if you properly care for and wear your watch, you should never need to cash in on our unbeatable guarantee.

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