The Bigger the Better: 5 Benefits of Large Watch Faces

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Benefits of Large Watch Faces

Watch a futuristic show from the 80s and you’ll get a good laugh at what folks thought modern technology would look like in the 2000s. Not only do we not have holograms (major bummer), but rather than tech accessories becoming smaller and less obtrusive, they somehow seem to be growing.

Remember when iPhones actually started getting bigger and boxier when we all expected them to get sleeker and less…there? People complained like crazy about trying to fit them in their pockets, and now we couldn’t stomach the thought of going back to those tiny screens. It seems that there is similar controversy and confusion surrounding chunky watches. Believe it or not, watch face sizes have been increasing rather rapidly since the 1990s. So, what’s the deal with these massive watch faces? Is bigger really better, or is it just bothersome?

Here at Rockwell Time, many of our customers actually come looking for big face watches, and for good reason. Not only can bulky watches look really sick, they also offer increased functionality to their users.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not bigger is better, here are five reasons why watch wearers everywhere are loving these eye-catching timepieces.

1. Readability

One of the most common reasons users choose a larger watch face is the ease of quickly reading the time. When every second counts, you need a display that features easy-to-read numbers and markers. Larger faces are also a great option for wearers with eyesight issues, as their enhanced readability will put significantly less strain on the eyes.

2. Operational Ease

Increased readability also means that the functions on a larger watch are easier to use. Bigger bezels and display faces allow for bigger buttons and crowns, making it a more user-friendly experience.

3. Room for Features

If you want a watch with all the features, it’s gotta have the space for them, right? Larger watches allow for you to see all the features at a glance, whether you need the date or the number of steps you’ve taken, it’s all there.

4. Sleek Appearance

Bigger watch faces keep numbers, markings, and other features from looking too crowded, which actually gives the watch as a whole a sleeker, more simple look.

5. Just Plain Showing Off

Today’s celebrities love showing off their giant wrist watches. And it’s not just the dudes. “Oversized” watches have been a growing trend for women in 2023, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Bigger watch faces can help you communicate to others the persona you want them to see. Want to really take that business attire up a notch? Pair it with a noticeable classic analog. The bigger and shinier the better. Want to highlight your active lifestyle? Go for a chunky sports watch.

Sure, some folks just want to show off their money. Nothing wrong with that. But for others, bigger watches can be a great way to show off that big personality or knack for keeping up with the latest trends and technology.

When to Get a Watch With a Bigger Watch Face

If you’ve got some vision issues or need to be able to read features at a quick glance, go big. If you’ve got a larger wrist that just seems to eat up average sized watches (making it look like you stole an accessory from your five-year-old), go big. If you’ve got a job that requires an easy-to-read dial with dual-timezones (pilots and aviators especially love a nice-sized face), go big. If you’ve got an eye for fashion and want everyone to know it, go big. If you’re a watch enthusiast, go big. If you live a sporty, athletic lifestyle, go big. If you’ve got a big personality and need a watch that matches it, go big. If you just plain like the look of bulky watches, you guessed it–go big!

Some people love to hate on big watches, but here at Rockwell Time we think they’re pretty rad. And it’s not just their sick appearance that makes them a killer choice for anyone on the hunt for a new ticker. Larger watch faces can be read easily and at a moment’s glance. They’re far more user friendly than their smaller counterparts. They have the ability to display more features without looking crowded and confusing.

If you’re on the market for a new watch and are ready to go big, we invite you to take a look at our wide selection of large face watches. Whether you want the sporty look, a sick square face, or a classy design, we’ve got you covered. Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are walking proof that sometimes (and honestly most of the time when watches are concerned) bigger is better.


Dive into the world of oversized watches, where style meets functionality in a bold statement. Larger watch faces offer enhanced readability and operational ease and accommodate various features, making a sleek statement embraced by trendsetters. Opt for visual clarity and quick feature readability, whether it's a classic analog or a chunky sports watch. In the world of watches, bigger is often better. Discover why enthusiasts adore these attention-grabbing timepieces in this infographic.

5 Large Watch Benefits Infographic


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