Rockwell offers a warranty on manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years after you receive your product from RockwellTime.com or an authorized Rockwell dealer. This means that if the materials in your watch aren't right or if the watch isn't put together correctly, we'll repair or replace it, at our discretion. However this doesn't mean you can abuse your watch and expect us to fix it for free. Your warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, the battery, crystal, watch case, strap, bracelet, loss, or theft. Your warranty will be voided if you open your caseback, push the buttons underwater, or forget to screw down or push in the crown and expose your watch to moisture. For sunglasses, the same rules apply. We will cover any manufacturing defects under our discretion but normal wear and tear is not covered. This means anything that happens to your lenses or frame from misuse is not covered. Proof of purchase is necessary for all warranty claims and service requests, so be sure to keep your receipt. Rockwell will not accept a warranty claim or repair request if the product has evidence of excessive wear or misuse, at our discretion. 


If at anytime you want to replace any Rockwell product with a brand new one, you can send it to us with proof of purchase and pay 30% of the original MSRP (plus shipping) for a replacement. This means if your watch gets run over by a truck the day you bought it, you can send in the pieces with your proof of purchase and pay 30% (plus shipping) for a new one. Or, if you’ve had your sunglasses for 5 years and they fall off during a bullfight and get trampled, send in the remains and pay 30% of the original MSRP (plus shipping) for a new pair. Even if you get in a freak paintball fight with your buds and ruin your favorite Rockwell T-shirt, send it in and pay 30% of the original MSRP (plus shipping) for a brand new one. Keep in mind however that sometimes certain products/colorways get discontinued so you may have to choose a new product or colorway. If you have misplaced or never received a receipt at time of purchase, shoot us an email and we will do whatever we can to make a fair deal with you.

 For all warranty and repair inquires, send us an email: repairs@rockwelltime.com. Please be sure to include a description and photos of the issue, contact information, and proof of purchase.

Warranty & Repair Shipping

You are responsible for any shipping costs related to having your watch sent to us. If the repair is covered under our warranty, we will cover the cost of return shipping but we will not provide a refund for shipping costs already incurred.

Shipping Address

Rockwell Time

Warranty and Repairs Dept.

1431 S. Redwood Rd.

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Warranty, Replacement, & Repairs801.298.3016

Warranty, Replacement, & Repairs repairs@rockwelltime.com