Coliseum Fit™ - Casey Patterson Edition (Phantom Black - Watch)

  • Casey Patterson is a Rockwell OG, an Olympic volleyball champion for team USA, and an all around stud to boot. You saw the sold out Casey Patterson edition Iron Rider, now it's time to see the Limited Edition Casey Patterson Phantom Black Coliseum Fit™.

    The Coliseum is a durable multifunction digital timepiece featuring: dual time zone, chronograph (with 50-lap memory), countdown timer, 8 alarms, and live step-counter / activity tracker. The Coliseum boasts unmatched styling and comfort, complimented by our unique, stadium-style double bezel to help protect the lens from dings and scratches. The Coliseum also offers a CradleFit™ bracelet with a proprietary Prismatic Cell dorsal texture for ultimate comfort and performance.

    The Coliseum is perfect for action sports, fitness training, or going out on the town. Available in a diverse array of colors and patterns. You simply can't go wrong with the Coliseum. CLICK HERE FOR MANUAL


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